Having That Difficult Faith Conversation

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      • Excellent post. Agree, pray God opens the door to share. The boldness to step out of the safety of the boat, and let Holy Spirit do the work once shared. Often the joy we have treasured up during the difficult times in our own lives will open the door for your friends to ask you about how this is possible. Open door, embrace for His Kingdom and glory!! Thank you for sharing. Blessings, denise


      • You know Keith, thinking about this… I am SO over being “politically correct”. If someone ask me straight out, why I am healthy, joyful, (I have even had some ask what kind of ” makeup ” I use! Lol),I just tell them right out, “That’s my Jesus! ” Like it or not, my friends and I now refer to ourselves as “Galileans!” Like in Scripture, when the Pharasies and Sadducees complained about Jesus disciples, “It’s those Galileans again! They’ve been with Jesus!” (Paraphrasing) Yep, that’s us! We’re those Galileans again, go ahead and ask us, yep, we been with Jesus! Don’t you just love it!! Gets my blood moving just thinking on Him! Health and healing in Him Whom loves us through His Precious Blood. For He so loves He wants ALL to know Him and the Power of the Cross! God bless you brother!!


    • Hi Barbara. You are right faith can be challenging at times. That is why I am so glad it is not dependent on me. God holds me in the almighty and powerful arms.

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  2. I once had a chance to witness at a Basketball camp of all places. I had just finished a Christian camp and a few weeks later went to basket ball camp. I witnessed to so many girls including a close personal friend it was spirit lifting. God is amazing he truly is!


  3. I am a catholic and I must say that we always encounter this issue… I was a member of a mandated church organization and we have this apostolic work where we have to visit one house to another just to talk to people and we often encounter people who will just ignore or reject us..but I know God is working in His own mysterious ways to help us with this challenge


  4. I had my share of losing my faith, and God finds many ways to keep me close to him. I think I am blessed and beyond blessed when that happens to me. Some people are unfortunate they have a long battle with faith, and you can’t blame them. Sometimes you can’t affect their faith in a position way.


    • Gigi I love the picture of God from Luke 15. First the widow looking for a lost coin. Then a shepherd looking for a lost sheep and finally a father waiting for a lost son. It shows that God will overturn heaven and earth to find lost ones. He will be welcoming and forgiving when the lost one returns. And all heaven will rejoice. Lost people matter to God!


  5. Religion is a touchy topic, it’s great to talk about, I just wish people had more of an open mind to it…I believe more than ever of God and Heaven, etc… I always believed but more so when I had my near death experience… love this post!


  6. Thanks for this. It is always hard to share with those slide to you. We prY for more passion to do God’s work.


  7. I gave my life to Jesus, and surrendered my whole heart, soul, and life to Jesus. Jesus healed my spine and feet, as well as the migraines that had been keeping me from living a healthy and happy life. My story is long but I share my testimony with others. Sometimes I would feel guilty that I couldn’t help those who weren’t saved or losing their faith because of bad things happening in their lives. My friends at the healing ministry said this to me: You are not responsible for their salvation. You just share your story and your faith. God will do the rest. My heart feels so much lighter now. This was a GREAT read that you wrote. It made me realize that God is control and don’t let the opportunity you think was lost make you feel guilty. Just know there is a time and a place that God has planned out for the right moment. Thanks for sharing =D


  8. Yes to this! It’s all about building real relationships with people and planting the seeds to get them inquisitive about living a Christ-first lifestyle and why it stands out in comparison to everything else. A lot of the time when I see people trying to push too much theology or too much of the Word on those who aren’t necessarily ready or haven’t had any sort of seeds planted in a relational aspect, it makes me sad, because sometimes that means they’re trying to either:

    Do it for wrong or misguided reasons or
    Have their priorities mixed up in how building and evangelizing actually works with people.

    This was a great post! Loved it! 🙂


  9. Reblogged this on Truth in Palmyra and commented:
    Do you have a friend or love one that you really should have that difficult conversation with, but don’t want to offend them or hurt their feelings? ust remember, the greatest way to love the lost, first and foremost, is to show them the way to salvation!

    Blessings and enjoy!

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  10. Wow, really makes you think about everyone you know.

    I had an uncle that I struggled with how to approach, finally did and joy of joys, I found out he was already a Christian (I wasn’t around him except infrequent vacation time). I was so thankful later, when he passed away, knowing he was saved!

    Thanks for the post and the reminder of what we should do.

    God’s Blessings!

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  11. Wow great post. So true when we seem to love our friends so much that we dont want to hurt them. I believe we corrupt our love for them with fear of losing a great relationship. But true love has no fears. May God help us to intercede for our friends and love ones so they never end up in hell. God bless you!!

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