Is The Hurt Suppose to Affect Me?

People are turning to God in their spiritual need.


How to Rediscover Your Mission?

Can’t the church, guard its doctrine and practice while at the same time keeping its eyes focused on those who are outside of God’s grace?

How To Fund The Small Church

In the small church that struggles with money issues, people are reluctant to give for fear they will not have enough to meet their daily needs.

TED Talk: It’s time to Reclaim Religion

Rabbi Brous shares four principles of a revitalized religious practice and offers faith of all kinds as a hopeful counter-narrative to the numbing realities of violence, extremism and pessimism.

How To Find Your Missionary Calling?

The message of the church is you have been redeemed, through the blood Jesus and you are called to share that with those who are still outside God’s grace.

Has The Ship Hit An Iceberg?

The church is struggling to adopt. It’s strategies outdated. God’s unchanging Word has the power to meet these new challenges.