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A Prayer for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Labels create division, faith unites us.

Words for 2019: Patience

We often think of patience as passive, sitting back waiting on God the act. Maybe patience is faithfully moving as God acts.

A Prayer for Epiphany

Epiphany is a season of light shinning in the darkness caused by our sin.

Prayer for the New Year

As the new year has dawned this is a great way to welcome this year of uncertainty.

Prayer for Christmas Week

Dear Lord,As this day dawns my thoughts turn to the anticipation of the first night. The angels are primed and ready to announce the birth of the Savior. Mary’s heart is dancing with as the contractions get stronger. Joseph must have been nervous yet…

Prayer of Remembrance

Take time to prayer for your spiritual leaders.

Prayer for Veteran’s Day

Remembering those who guard and protect our freedom.

Jesus Models How To Pray For Other People

Praying for Others changes you as much as helps them.

When You Struggle to Find the Right Words: Pray The Bible

When your prayer life seems a struggle, let the word of God speak for you.

How To Pray With A Thankful Spirit

A grateful spirit becomes more challenging during times of oppression, persecution or grief than times of bliss.

Let Your Light So Shine

Tripping Gracefully through Life One Adventure at a Time

Sipping Cups of Inspiration

Sipping Cups of Inspiration Served One Cup at A Time

Pastor Bob

Gathering up life's lessons.

The Annual Bloggers Bash

The Official Website for the Best Blogging Event of the Year!

Positively Confident

"Positively Confident" is more than just a phrase– it is a way of life. A guide to building you.

Through the Scriptures

Daily Reading God's Word