Category: Christmas Devotions

Our Family Christmas Devotion

A simple interactive family devotion.

The Light of Christmas Dispels the Dark Days of Doubt

It is common to allow the struggles of life to cause to doubt and have a faith crisis.

Two Warning Signs Your Heart Is Too Crowded for Jesus

Christmas has become very commercial, how has that affected your heart?

How to Cultivate a Welcoming Heart At Christmas?

Two simple steps to create a heart of hospitality.

The Light in the Dark Days of Depression

How do we find Joy in the midst of darkness?

Blooming Souls

Words thats all I have

Consider Faith: A Blog on Christian Social Justice

A blog on Social Justice from the Christian Perspective


Your only measurement is in Christ Jesus ⚓️

Sherline's Watchu Thinkin' Blog

The journey of self-discovery begins

Through Ink & Image

...Pursuing a God Inspired Life

Jesus @ the Center

Jesus is central to everything!

Kirsten Samuel

Live Your Legacy Today

Prescott As Cool Breeze

Prescott as Cool Breeze

Color Me Lovely

The Creative Musings of an Adult in Training