Workshop Topics

Young Men and Women of Different Ethnic Groups
Young men and women of diverse ethnic groups standing together

How to Reach and Keep Millennials in the Church

  1. Make Room for Meaningful Relationships – The fact is that if you want to connect with Millennials in your family or those outside your church walls you have to build relationships with them. Sounds simple, right? Yes and no, because the type of relationships Millennials seek is a close personal friendship with adults in the church. What does this look like and how can it be done? Come learn about this generation and what they are seeking.
  2. Connect Jesus to Their Culture – The Bible is clear that each generation is to pass along God’s unending truths to the next. How can we expect millennials to navigate the culture of today without a firm faith in Jesus and His Gospel message? The people of the church are in a wonderful position to teach Millennials cultural discernment and to facilitate a connection with Jesus that will bless them, the congregation, and the community. (Teach Cultural Discernment and Facilitate Connection with Jesus)
  3. Give Them Opportunities to Serve – It’s often said that millennials don’t want meetings – they want action! How can your church make room for these young adults to serve today in a way that helps them connect the rich history of Christianity with their own unique work to which God has called them? (Make Reverse mentoring a Priority and Embrace the Potency of Vocational Discipleship)


Healing Racial Divides in America – Based on The Bible Study, “One Nation Under God-Healing Racial Divides.”

During a time in which racial tensions are escalating, Christians are searching for ways to tear down the racial walls dividing our country.
This six-session study charts a pathway to begin that healing process. Forgiveness is not something humans can do on their own; it requires God changing human hearts as His people search through His Word.

Possible Topics based on the Bible Study:

  1. Sin Distorts Our Identity
  2. Who is the Real Enemy in regards to racial tensions?
  3. Who is my Neighbor based on the Parable of the Good Samaritan?
  4. We are One in Christ.
  5. What Can I Do to make a difference?
  6. Building a Foundation of Trust

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