An Interview with Author Fatima Oliver

Fatima and I talk about her journey.  She believes everyone needs a safe place to fall. Someone who lovingly accepts your ugly cry. A victim-mentality must change to a victor mindset. At some point, we are all held accountable for what we understand and it is up to us to correct it. Her new book, “The Prescription is in the Dirt”, is a bold, funny, illuminating, and sometimes hard-to-swallow inspirational memoir that embraces the journey to healing, self-love, and acceptance. This book speaks candidly on the pain and trauma I have endured. Also,  the consistent baby steps I learned along the way to walk in forgiveness and healing.  It is now, available in eBook and Paperback versions on Amazon.

‎From Mess to Miracle: Interview with Author Fatima Oliver on Apple Podcasts

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