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How Do You Overcome The Post-Easter Blues?

Have you lost that Easter feeling?


How the Resurrection Impacts Our Grief

All comfort Christian have at the point of death is grounded in the hope of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Which Leper Are You This Thanksgiving?

How do we get a heart of gratitude?

What are you Hiding in your Closet?

God wants us to not only rejoice in that forgiven relationship with him but to take that a step further and share a similar relationship with those around us.

Three Critical Lessons About Life’s Storms

The same God who gave His Son as a ransom to save you will never abandon you in your hour of deepest need.

How Do We Find Space for Jesus In Our Busy Lives?

The most important thing we need in this life is not the stuff we are so busy trying to acquire, but the free gift of faith that is so freely given.

Hands Off! Pentecost is Ours.

Pentecost still belongs, to the church. Pentecost has not gone commercial, yet!

Where Did We Come From and Where are We Going?

“Where did I come from? Why am I here? And where am I going?”

The Resurrection Through the eyes of Grief- Mary Magdalene

As you grieve the loss of something grief can blind your vision and coat your heart so thoroughly that you can’t see Jesus standing right in front of you.

The Resurrection Through the Eyes of Struggle-Simeon Peter

Jesus came back for all of us who are struggling with doubt, a simple yet powerful message of forgiveness and restoration.


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