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The Word for 2019: Restoration

You can’t have a restoration until something is badly broken.

The Word for 2019: Love

The kind of love Jesus talks about is has a more robust meaning then our purely emotional English usage.

The Light in the Dark Days of Depression

How do we find Joy in the midst of darkness?

How Depression Robs Us of Our True Identity

There are many misconceptions about depression.  One of the biggest myths is that depression means you’re sad.

Pastor Bob

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The Annual Bloggers Bash

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Positively Confident

"Positively Confident" is more than just a phrase– it is a way of life. A guide to building you.

Through the Scriptures

Daily Reading God's Word

Glow Through It

Keeping a healthy balance within your universe.

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The Well Balanced Millennial

No bullshit guide to a well balanced life

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