Ministry Coaching


“Coaching is a relationship with a purpose, focused on facilitating change.” Bob Logan

What is Coaching?

The process of coming alongside a person or team to help them discover God’s agenda for their life and ministry, and then cooperating with the Holy Spirit to see that agenda become reality.

—  Coaching is not Counseling…

Coaching is not Consulting…

Coaching is not Mentoring…

What Makes Coaching Powerful?

  • —Provides encouragement for the journey.
  • —Cultivates wisdom and strategic insights.
  • —Discovers breakthrough opportunities.
  • —Maintains focus on the truly important.
  • —Transforms vision into reality.

Asking Closed vs Open-ended Questions in Coaching

Is this an effective strategy for you?

What makes this an effective strategy for you?


Is there more to be learned here?

How can you increase the learning in this experience?


It sounds like you’re stuck between those two choices – is that true?

What’s another choice besides the two in front of you?


Coaching Covenant Coaching is a relationship in which God works through the process to provide a leader with focus and traction in accomplishing a significant personal or ministry challenge.

Coaching Purpose/Focus:


Specific Objectives/Goals of the Coaching Recipient:



  • Honesty: We will speak the truth in love.
  • Vulnerability: We will openly share applicable life and ministry issues with each other.
  • Confidentiality: The leader desiring coaching information be confidential must specify this to the coach.
  • Preparedness: We will seek to complete tasks and be prepared for each coaching appointment.
  • Punctuality: We will be prompt for all appointments and calls in respect of each other.

Coaching Relationship Length:

The coaching relationship will last (typically between six to twelve) months with the option of continuing or re-covenanting.

The coaching relationship will end if the leader establishes a pattern of not fulfilling commitments or if either party determines coaching is no longer necessary.


  • The coach and leader will use the coaching tool on
  • Coaching sessions will primarily be via telephone, with the coach calling the leader.
  • Coaching will occur monthly with possible contact between sessions.
  • We will review our coaching relationship quarterly to ensure we are accomplishing the leader’s goal and objectives.
  • The leader will, if asked, take part in an on-line assessment of the coach.
  • The leader will ensure that the appropriate stipend for coaching is paid through


Leader: _____________________________ Date:_____________ Phone # for coaching calls: _____________

Coach:_______________________________ Date:_____________ Phone: _______________________

Coaching Fees: Billing starts with the first coaching session after the signing of the covenant.

The cost per month for a one-hour coaching session is $200.00.

Chose how you would like to pay:

Entire amount_________



Category for this Covenant:

_____ Professional Church Work

_____ Lay Church Leader

_____ Leadership Team

_____ New Church Start

_____ Recent Graduate

_____ Lay Church Member/Disciple

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