This Blog is On the Move

Starting this blog has been a long journey. It began with a webinar where the sponsor talked about what a powerful influence a pastor could make doing a blog. That put a calling on my heart to consider it. However, that just created more questions in my mind than answers. Like, what would my blog to address? Do I have something people want to read? Do I have the dedication to keep it going? After months of prayer and wrestling in a Jacob-like way with God. On January 15, 2016, my first blog was launched.

A new website. New exciting content.

Busy on my downtime writing new content for my new blog. Working on new articles now: “Cracking the Millennial Code.” “How to Reach the Elusive Unconnected Family with Young Children.” and “How to Unleash the Army in Your Pews” I have started two podcasts: Becoming Bridge Builders and From Mess to Miracle. You can find the links to those here.

You will not want to miss this. So it is goodbye for now. I will leave the old blog site up so you won’t face major withdrawl symptoms. If you don’t want to miss the the next chapter sign up now!

Here is the new blog address:

Here is a link to subscribe. Come join the party. This blog will be deleted be inactive soon.

See in down the road!!!

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