The Power of Passionate Leadership


Is there a place for passion in the Christian life?  That is an interesting question.  I love this illustration.

There is a tale told of that great English actor Macready. An eminent preacher once said to him: “I wish you would explain to me something.” “Well, what is it? I don’t know that I can explain anything to a preacher.”

“What is the reason for the difference between you and me? You are appearing before crowds night after night with fiction, and the crowds come wherever you go. I am preaching the essential and unchangeable truth, and I am not getting any crowd at all.”

Macready’s answer was this: “This is quite simple. I can tell you the difference between us. I present my fiction as though it were the truth; you present your truth as though it were fiction.”  Campbell Morgan, Preaching, p. 36.

Is it possible that in not giving into emotionalism we have lost our passion for ministry?  In this post, I want to explore the role of passion in leadership.

  1. Passionate leaders can lead people to a preferred future. 

We have all been around or know people who don’t get too high or too low.  They are nice level-headed leaders.  We call them steady, consistent, dependable.  There is something to be said for consistency.  Usually, that kind of leadership isn’t inspiring.  It creates a sense of comfort, but it doesn’t inspire you to take the ministry hill ahead of you.  If you want to get your people from here to that God-driven future, you need passion.  Passion will fuel your people to go the extra mile.  A study showed that there is a 40% difference between a motivated worker vs an unmotivated worker.

  1. How do you get passion?

Passion can come from several sources.  Passion can grow out of outrage.  You can be so upset by something or an event it moves you to want to make a difference.

Passion can grow out from a sense of calling.  But no matter where the passion comes from it can become an unstoppable force.

  1. How do you fill your passion bucket?

As a leader, it is your job to fill your passion bucket.  Some fill that passion bucket by a vibrant prayer life, or through the study of God’s word.  For me, it is a combination of studying God’s word, music, and writing.  In the arena of ideas is where my passion comes.  Then seeing those ideas take flight is exciting. God was passionate about dealing with sin and wickedness.   “The Lord examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence, he hates with a passion.” Psalm 11:5

So, here is your assignment, discover your passion.  What is that thing the energizes you?


14 Comments on “The Power of Passionate Leadership

  1. It is all about relationship. When your relationship with God increases so does your passion! The actor has “to get in the head” of the person he is portraying. Which means he has to find a relationship with that persona.

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  2. It would good if you have issues with the pastor to address those with him. Sooner rather than later with the goal of clearing the air and putting the Mission back into the forefront.


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