Meet and Greet: It’s All About Sharing!


Every writer when we sit down to pen our next great masterpiece has a desire to have people take the time to read it and hopefully be inspired by it. Bloggers sit by and anxiously wait and watch the SEO’s (search engine optimization) to see of this is finally the post that goes viral and puts us on the world stage. So, we beg our social media friends to read and share our time intensive efforts. Many of us don’t like self-promotion, but we believe what we have to say the world needs to hear. With that in mind blog, buddies here is your chance to plug your blog shamelessly. I have only two conditions, as to not appear completely self-absorbed also share one other blogger’s work your admire and then share this link on the places you shameless most often promote your work. Enjoy the opportunity to find new readers for your masterpieces. And the SEO’s go nuts.

To jump the off.  The blogger I am sharing has just joined the WordPress family.  He is writing to church leaders and provides great resources to help churches reach the lost and improve their effectiveness.  Check out his freshly minted blog.

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