Meet and Greet Event


Meet and greet are opportunities for you to give people a chance to know more about you. It also gives you the opportunity to promote your blog. To make this more fun. Tell us what your favorite Christmas tradition was growing up and one surprising thing about you people would not suspect. The other rules of engagement are listed below. Remember to copy this link on either your blog or social media outlet. I hope you get new people to see your heart and passion for blogging.

Here are the rules of engagement-

Leave a link to a post from a blog other than your own

Leave a link to a post to your blog

SHARE this post (social media or reblog)

The best way to increase readership is to engage with other bloggers! Comment on their posts. Invest time in what others are doing. It will help you grow as a blogger, writer and it is a heck of a lot of fun. This blogging community can be one the most rewarding social opportunities around. You will find that most people are encouraging. So get some conversations going, you never know what connection can be made!

21 thoughts on “Meet and Greet Event

  1. Following Him says:

    Hello everyone, and to all a Merry Christmas! πŸ˜€

    A link to a post that is not my own: One of my best friends just started a new Christian blog at the end of last month.

    Here is one of my last blog posts, where I wrote about the topic of faith being tested and includes a poem:

    Christmas traditions growing up: My parents would let me open one present at midnight on Christmas eve. πŸ™‚

    Something about me that no one would suspect: That I’m in my mid-twenties. When I meet most people (in person), they think I’m somewhere between the ages of 12 and 16, which is at times hilarious. (I look a lot younger than I am XD )

    P.S.: May I have some of that snowstorm too? It is in the 20’s here and I would love to build a snowman… XD

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  2. ahiggi says:

    Here is post a friend from school wrote that had an impact on me and is good reminder that life is short and we should live to the fullest. for a post of my own (you may have to copy and paste as I’m not sure how to make the links work) One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting together with family. We dont get to see each other very often so its that much better when we do. Something you don’t know? Probably a lot of things since I don’t talk to alot of people on here but lets go with It’s important to be a ninja!


      1. ahiggi says:

        Thanks for taking time to ‘host’ It has been very interesting reading what other people have written and it has helped in realizing the potential being part of a blogging community can have! Hope your holiday season is going well


  3. Saurab says:

    I’d like to share two posts that are not my own, but ones that I found very interesting and I think you will too.

    This one is about the generational gap between us and our grandparents.

    This one is a fascinating post about how just a few steps to the left or right can change your perspective, give you a completely new outlook! Very inspirational.

    Coming to my own post-

    The corals of the world are in grave danger through a process called “bleaching”. What is it and how is it happening? That’s what I answer in this post.

    Glad to join the party! Happy holidays everyone!


  4. Lisa A. says:

    Hello everyone! Thank you for hosting this party! πŸ™‚ I’m Lisa and my blog is Life of an El Paso Woman. I blog about different topics like music, movies, life, current events, etc. I’m leaving you a link from my blogging buddy, T. Wayne from A Joyful Process. He blogs about music, The Voice, sports, life, etc. I’m also leaving you a link from one of my yearly family traditions, making tamales. I’ll be tweeting your party.


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