Meet and Greet Weekend



It’s Meet and Greet time! I’ve loved hosting these in the past, so I’m very excited to be hosting this one. Getting to know new bloggers and watching bloggers I like to get to know each other makes me happy!

This is a party, and it’s meant to be fun. My rules are simple:

ALL Bloggers are welcome!
Leave a link to your blog in the comment section with as much info on your blog as you want to share. (Social Media links too if you’d like)
If you think your readers would enjoy sharing their links, please re-blog to let them know they are invited! Share on social media too if it suits your fancy! The more, the merrier.
Check out the links left by others. I’ve met some of my favorite bloggers at meet and greets.
This party will be going on all weekend…cause that’s the way I roll…so feel free to visit throughout the weekend and leave your links as often as you’d like.

149 thoughts on “Meet and Greet Weekend

      1. gina@mytinytexaslife says:

        Well I hope that Texas made a good impression. Austin is an awesome town-lots of variety and interesting things to see and do. Hope you got to experience some of it while you were there. 🙂


      1. arwen1968 says:

        Not to mention I saw above you said you want to repeat it every weekend in October! That’s very nice… But I’d better go and introduce myself to people here properly now! 🙂


      2. arwen1968 says:

        OK, I was going to ask (not entirely seriously) what’s the meaning of life? 🙂 You can still answer that, but since you’re kind, I do actually wonder: what really is life coaching?

        I mean I looked on your blog, and I’m just not sure: if I know what I want from life but various things prevent me from achieving it, how can life coaching help me? To give an example if I wanted to be an airline pilot but was too old, no amount of life coaching would change that, would it? Or would you in that case help me to reconcile myself to the fact that I missed the boat on that one? So that’s my question: what does life coaching actually do? If that makes any sense as a question. 🙂


      3. theutopiauniverse says:

        Thank you for your question, I hope I can cover what you are asking, the meaning of life, has many answers, but I like to keep it simple,and the actual meaning should be answered by the individual, however I think regardless you should be happy, life can be lived happy or unhappy, we all deserve happiness regardless of what we do. Life coaching can be of assistance if the individual wants, a career transition, to let go of anxiety stress etc., A Coach will guide you in personal and general situations, problems, needs, implications, to find your purpose, your being, awareness, how to channel your thoughts, to connect the dots, your emotions,accountability, responsability. Many feel that they know what they want in life, but do they know how to achieve it ? This is where Life Coaching can help, to obtain clarity, I understand the airline pilot, and I know it was an example, but if the passion is there, many other outlets from that can be achieved, I hope I have managed to answer your question, please let me know if you require further information. Have a great day .

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      4. arwen1968 says:

        Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to answer!
        As for the meaning of life, I think there must be as many answers as there are people and your answer is very good. 🙂 I’m a book blogger and I have to admit when i asked the question I had a book in mind in which somebody builds a computer to find the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything… People who read this book invariably remember what the ‘answer’ was: 42. 🙂 The book is called The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams by the way, and – as you guessed – it’s a humorous book.
        Thanks for explaining what life coaching does – I can see how it could be really helpful! I think when you said “when the passion is there many other outlets can can be achieved” is a really good advice for people to bear in mind – me included!
        It was great to talk to you and all the best with your blog!

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  1. Many Faces of Cheri G says:

    Thank you for hosting this – what a fantastic idea! (For the record, I got here through a reblog from Lacey at Big and Pinky Toes.)

    My blog “Many Faces of Cheri G” ( was originally meant to be simply occasionally ramblings about my life became something deeper due to life circumstances and is now focused a great deal on grief.


    Again, thank you for hosting and I look forward to discovering several new bloggers this weekend.

    Cheri G

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  2. Many Faces of Cheri G says:

    Reblogged this on Many Faces of Cheri G and commented:
    Although I’ve occasionally seen similar virtual events, I’ve never really felt established enough to consider myself a “blogger”. Until now. (Maybe that’s because I have more than just a few posts and no longer feel my site seems like a bachelor pad with only a futon and a foosball table for furniture.)

    In any case, I look forward to learning more about my fellow bloggers and encourage you to hop on over to Keith’s “The Light Breaks Through blog to learn more.

    Cheri G


  3. belladona26 says:

    Oh my gosh this is such a cool and unique idea!! I’m here for the party!! ((: I am mostly a lifestyle blog and love posting new coffee shops I find while on my adventures! I do some traveling and post about that! Check out my blog 💕

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  4. Handfuls of Seed says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! My name is Mark Evans. I am a student, teacher, director of a summer day camp, husband and father of four. I teach 1st -12th grade, and I do morning care for my school. So I have even learned to relate to four year olds, not an easy task. I write book reviews (Theology, Christianity, Christian Fiction, Ministry, Fiction, Children), devotionals (biblical exposition), and discuss evangelism and relationships (look for my “love people more than truth” category).

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  5. speechbaby says:

    Thanks for hosting Keith! This mama loves a good party and meeting new friends! I author Speechbaby blog, which provides parenting topics and tips from the unique perspective of a speech-language pathologist. I love to have visitors so please drop by at Blog:

    Hope to see you!

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  6. karlapitzen says:

    Thank you for the opportunity! I have participated before – I hope it’s okay for me to participate again! I blog about everything, but I tend to lean toward the inspirational, and finding the positive in the every day. I am a Christian, a wife, and a Mom. I also work full-time outside of the home. My blog is Hands on Working Mom – I am also the administrator of a facebook blogging group, Blogger Network – I try to make this group as participative and productive as possible. Thank you again for the opportunity to share and learn about other bloggers.


  7. Stephanie Romero says:

    Thanks for throwing this meet and greet party! 🙂 My name is Stephanie Romero and I blog at:

    I’ll just share what’s on my “This is a good place to start if you’re new to my blog” page:

    Lost. Confused. Without a sense of direction. And yet…a knowing of the way home. Perhaps a few detours are taken. There may be some treading on rough terrain. But eventually home is reached.

    Whenever a follower of Christ hears the word “lost,” they almost always think of the unbeliever. The truth is, that believers can find themselves spiritually lost as well. The reasons differ.

    Never would I have imagined such a struggle in my own life, not nearly 20 years into serving Christ. Yet that is exactly where I found myself more than a year ago. A lost soul making her way home.

    I was lost spiritually, emotionally, physically, and relationally. Disappointment, death, bad news, family crisis, unexpected changes, difficult decisions…these were just some of the things to come at me in a relatively short amount of time.

    Yet never did I forget my way home. That is what kept me on the right path, even if at times it didn’t look that way. And it’s what brings me to write this blog.

    Everyday we live this life, we’re in a spiritual battle–regardless if we recognize it. Behind the scenes there is a battle waging for our soul. It doesn’t have to be the big stuff that trips us up. The “little” things can do this as well–anything from apathy towards others, to struggles with gossiping or just striving to make a difference in this world. We get in the way. The pull of this world gets in the way. Our journey home (to our final destination of heaven), will remind us of the many ways we remain lost. Yet God finds us right where we’re at…and He continues to beckon us home.

    Whether everything is going just fine (at the moment), you’re facing a few challenges or going through the most difficult season of your life, my hope is you will discover that never is God more present than when He feels the furthest away. You are not alone! He will help you find the way home.

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  8. arwen1968 says:

    Hi Keith (thanks for hosting this Meet & Greet!) and hi All… let me introduce myself:

    I’m a reader… a reader, a bibliophile, a bookworm, you go on. 🙂 I love the classics, history and travel and these are the kind of books I blog most about. I blog about obscure books and famous books… page-turners and those that bore me to tears… fiction and non-fiction. What I do NOT blog about can be summed up in one word: romance.

    I read just about everywhere – this includes the bath tub. In fact, I ruined many a good book by dropping them into the water, so if you just had the same mishap, do check out my Wet Book Rescue.

    If you have not dropped a book in the tub just recently, you can still nevertheless come and visit me at <a href=""Waterblogged: Dry Thoughts on Damp Books! (You never know: if you don’t like my readings, you might still like my photography.) 🙂


  9. Lacy says:

    So many wonderful bloggers out there. I am just an infant in the blogging world. I thought I would just come by and say hi since you stopped by my blog. I enjoy blogging about baby reading, learning to teach like the Spirit, and my favorite is to write about what the Spirit shows me in my Bible studies. I geek out over the Bible because its filled with amazing connections that are so intricate that it could have been written only by one Spirit. Even you think every detail in the Bible is important, you will be right at home with me. Right now I am exploring seeing Jesus in Proverbs 31’s virtuous woman.

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  10. H.M. Davis says:

    A little late because I was out in God’s gorgeous creation all weekend, but my blog is Running the Race and is mostly a way of sharing what God teaches me in our time together with a dash of homeschool devotions thrown in and the occasional rant.

    Love what I’ve read here on your blog! May the Word of God speed ahead and be honored through your ministry. . .

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  11. Keith Haney says:

    Here is another great blogger who is joining the party. Check out her blog. Here is more about her. Hi! I’m Shell Maria! Welcome to my crazy, hectic, but happy life… I have two wonderful sons. Life has been full of love, mishaps and messes and I would not change a single moment…
    Our days are filled with therapies (My youngest does PT, OT, Speech, HAB and Music therapy and I do PT) My youngest is on the Autism Spectrum along with severe cognitive delay. I am a type 2 diabetic and have Fibromyalgia. Our days are hectic but happy… I homeschool my youngest while my oldest has left the nest for college.
    My kids and I love cooking new recipes, days at the library and geeking out over our favorite fandoms… We are passionate about Harry Potter (Boo and I are Gryffindor, David is Hufflepuff), Lord of the rings (we love our hobbits!) and (Star Wars–the originals of course) Please follow The Sun Mama as I share my sometimes crazy but always blessed life of being a mama…


  12. marshalee Patterson says:

    The purpose of this blog is to introduce my books to readers who enjoy good Christian books. They are intended to uplift and encourage you, and also to minister to you about how to get to know Jesus Christ and also how to walk in His will and also teaches about spiritual warfare.

    Although I have written my books in a fictional setting, the messages are based on biblical principles intending to help us find our way back to God after being exposed to so much chaos and confusion in the world today.

    I use a lot of scripture references from the King James Bible and included many warfare prayers, as to help those who don’t know how to pray them and get results. All my books are inspired by the Holy-Spirit and I always ensure that I start every chapter with a word of prayer.

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  13. Shawna's View says:

    This is such a great thing you are doing! You inspire me keith.

    My name is Shawna, I just recently started blogging 3 weeks ago. I blog about living with fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis, devotionals and more. I just want to inspire others and share the greatness of God.

    My blog:


  14. peterhorvatin3gmailcom says:

    I have never used the wordpress account, however, my blog is called You may find it interesting. Please make comments so I know that I am making contact with you.


  15. kelleysdiy says:

    Hello, my name is kelley. I love creating new ideas. Whether its crafts for decorating my home, or up cycling items I find at garage sales, thrift stores, and even on the curb, and turning them into something wonderful. The link to my site is: thank you for sharing and for taking the time to do this. Wonderful idea!


  16. Ratio says:

    Hey Everyone! I just put up my site a few weeks ago and I am new to blogging! My content consists of photography, pieces of creative writing, as well as writing about my own health condition in the hopes to reach out to those that have similar health issues that hold them back in their own lives and by that hoping making one another feel like we are not alone in this world with our struggles. Click my About Me when going to my site to see more of my story.


  17. graciangeline says:

    Hello! I’m new blogger. I’m Angel and still a teenager. Please kindly check my blog ( ) and don’t forget to follow my blog! Thank you 😊

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