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Meet and Greet Weekend

Meet and greet are opportunities for you to give people a chance to know more about you.  It also gives you the opportunity to promote your blog.  To make this more fun.  Tell us what country you a…

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3 thoughts on “Meet and Greet Weekend”

  1. At I share on my 70-pound weight loss journey (maintained for 12 years now), my journey to debt freedom (achieved in 2015 and includes a son graduating college debt free with an Engineering Degree), my journey to self-worth post divorce (includes returning to school at 49 and starting a Life Coach business at 50 as my retirement plan), a new addition of dating after age 50 (so NOT like learning to ride a bike all over again), my family struggle with mental illness, a little on the book I’m currently writing, Renewal Of The Mind (overcoming challenges in spite of my background and family history) and lots of motivational quotes sprinkled in!

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