A Different Kind of Spector




It was a dark, cold November night. I was sitting alone deep in thought reflecting on the events of the 24 hours. My life has just turned upside down. One minute my future was glistening with the sparkles of a career on the rise. That night I was going to ask the girl of my dreams to spend the rest of her life with me. We were going to build our dream house in the Hamptons and decorate it together. Everything changes on an icy backcountry road. A drunk driver taking the Deadman’s curve too fast lost control of his car and slammed into the back of my dearest.

For one brief moment in time, we had everything together. Incredible joy in the blink of an eye turned into the depths of hell it. Now sitting on this park bench in twenty-three-degree weather my heart is as cold as the temperature. I cannot imagine life with her. Heartache is giving way to irrational thoughts. My soul longs to join her on the other side. While at my lowest point imaginable, this presence passes near. It was not the dark, eerie feeling others describe when they talk about their experiences with the spirit world. This one was different. It seemed almost familiar. It reminded me of my best friend. This Spector came to me saying in the strangest of ways. It came bearing a message. “I know you are hurting now. But don’t worry you will be ok. God has a plan for you in all this.” I needed that. This ghost gave me hope. Like, my friend, it appeared when I needed her the most. Like, my friend, it pointed me to a source of real strength. I didn’t believe in ghost before, but I believe in them now. I await my next visit from my Spector of hope.


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