Learning to Stroll Through Life



A woman climbed on the bathroom scale after two weeks of butterless toast and chilly jogs around the park only to find the needle stuck on the same number. That is typical of how things had been going for her lately. She felt destined never to be happy. So what is your happiness quotation? Are you happy and content with your place in life? Can you honestly say that your life is fulfilling?

If happiness seems to elude us have, we diagnosed the reason why? In this post, I want to explore what factors affect our ability just to stroll through life. To elaborate at the heart of this carefree attitude is our understanding of happiness. Moreover, what factors are necessary for us to be happy? Are those factors bundled up in a long list of achievements or life’s ambition? Just for a moment dream with me. What were the goals you set out to do as a youth? Perhaps those goals, you laid out for yourself, look something like the list below:

Have enough money saved so I can retire and my wife? Take that trip we have been planning for years, once that the last child moves out that is.
Achieve that job promotion you have been working so many extra hours.
Earn the respect of your family and friends. After all the bets in high school were you would never amount to much.
We live lives searching for those things that will never give us the ability to have those slow walks on the beach. To life a carefree life and little concern. Unfortunately, the void is still there, the fulfillment we seek is never achieved. We search our whole lives for things that in the end just leaves an emptiness in our lives. The sad thing is we have invested our whole life running after things that never do what we thought they would. The money, the house, the cars, the career in the end just left us unable to take that carefree stroll. So why is that, what did we miss?

God has given us a sense of the eternal.

Our life could achieve so much more than the material things we made a priority. It should have an eternal purpose.

The wisdom of King Solomon gives us this insight.

What good comes to anyone who works so hard, all to gain a few possessions? I have seen the kinds of tasks God has given each of us to do to keep one busy, and I know God has made everything beautiful for its time. God has also placed in our minds a sense of eternity; we look back on the past and ponder over the future, yet we cannot understand the doings of God. Ecc 3:9-11

What gives us true contentment is an understanding that our life is eternal.   It is much richer than the things we accumulate, collect and do.  When we focus our hearts and minds to the purpose, God created us for we can stroll through life content, joyful and fulfilled.   We are living our life for His purpose not our own. So stroll in presence.




11 Comments on “Learning to Stroll Through Life

  1. Strolling along (humming a quiet tune) most days…but the Modern World does make it hard at times. That is why I am so grateful for fellow “strollers,” such as yourself, who remind us- left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, one step at a time keeps us strolling along! Hugs my friend!👟


  2. Such insight! This is it, I really wish more people would understand this.
    I particularly love this “Our life could achieve so much more than the material things we made a priority. It should have an eternal purpose” that one liner that says it all. Powerful message Keith.


  3. What a lovely thought provoking post Keith. Life is indeed too short not to enjoy the small pleasures, the strolls in the park, on the beach, where ever. Just making the most of life with the ones we love.


  4. Your post reminds me of a poem, ‘leisure’ which too speaks of how we seem to have no time to stop and stare! We truly have forgotten the importance of a stroll of wonder, where we simply just look at what is around us.


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