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What Should I Tackle Next?


10 thoughts on “What Should I Tackle Next?”

  1. I saw something that drew my attention. Barber “liked” a post on a book with a title kinda like “Homosexuality is not an issue, it is a person” meaning minister to the person, the individual. How much have “we” alienated individuals because we group the individuals. Grouping people is the same as discriminating. Discrimination is not good. Each person is an individual.

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      1. Sweet! It’s something that is on my mind a lot, as our local churches aren’t really a representation of our local population all of the time. Changing hearts and old attitudes is delicate. I look forward to it Keith!


      1. It is interesting, and rather sad. I get that we all want to be with people who share commonality with us, but the problem is the thinking that it has to be that way, and that lines ought not to be crossed.

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