How FaceBook Could Ruin My Relationship?


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A quick thought for the day: Be careful not to put all your emotional hurts and pains on Facebook and social media. The honorable thing, the biblical thing, is to talk with the one who has wronged you.

There are a lot of imperfect people in the world, they say bone-headed things, they do hurtful acts with little regard for anyone else’s feelings. People can be selfish, self-centered, very inconsiderate, and need a corrective intervention.   Now those are just my faults, forget about all the other fallen people in the world.  If all the people I have hurt in my lifetime posted their comments on Facebook or some other social media to tell the world what a jerk I am, or God forbid, if my family posted their thoughts about me, I would never work again.   Social media has become a great place to vent all of the emotional pain and hurts we are experiencing.  However, you need to ask yourself “…is that the best forum to share all my rants and to be totally transparent?”

James, the Brother of our Jesus has a wonderful message about the benefits and the dangers of the tongue.  If he were writing today he might add to his message the benefits and the dangers of social media.

The Dangers of using Facebook and other social media outlets as our voice:

“And do you know how many forest fires begin with a single ember from a small campfire? The tongue is a blazing fire seeking to ignite an entire world of vices. The tongue is unique among all parts of the body because it is capable of corrupting the whole body. If that were not enough, it ignites and consumes the course of creation with a fuel that originates in hell itself. Humanity is capable of taming every bird and beast in existence, even reptiles and sea creatures great and small. But no man has ever demonstrated the ability to tame his own tongue! It is a spring of restless evil, brimming with toxic poisons.” James 3:6-8

Nobody wants to confront the person who has hurt us, but we want to make sure everyone knows we are hurting.  That is understandable, the pain you are feeling is real.  It is deep.  You want that pain to go away.  In your mind expressing it or opening up, is the first step in moving beyond it.  However, James wisely counsels us that the instrument, the tongue, is a very dangerous weapon whether in person or these days via social media.  It is capable of causing enormous damage. It has destroyed careers, relationships, even resulted in the loss of the most precious gift, life itself.  Unchecked, untamed, uninhabited it can lead to unimaginatively catastrophic results, all because we feel someone has wronged us. But we seldom take the time to seek reconciliation and forgiveness.  It is so easy to just let the tongue and keyboard become our springboard for revenge.

The Benefits of the tongue, Facebook, and other social media:

More wisdom from the brother of Jesus.

“Despite its immense size and the fact that it is propelled by mighty winds, a small rudder directs the ship in any direction the pilot chooses. It’s just the same with our tongues! It’s a small muscle, capable of marvelous undertakings…. Ironically this same tongue can be both an instrument of blessing to our Lord and Father and a weapon that hurls curses upon others who are created in God’s own image.” James 3:4,9

There is so much hurt and pain in the world do we really need more people adding to that on Facebook?  Would it be a much better use of our time and energy to use our tongues and our keyboards to offer words of encouragement, to be salt and light in a world overloaded with pain and darkness?  Imagine the impact you could have on your social footprint if everyday people who follow you get pointed back the Jesus.  What a blessing the tongue and Facebook could be.


Freedom of Facebook

29 Comments on “How FaceBook Could Ruin My Relationship?

  1. Great post. I think our words hold more power than people notice and before placing personal hardship on social media it should be taken into consideration rather or not airing our this private issue is appropriate. At a certain point everyone needs to consider “do unto others…” before taking the initiative to take shots at someone else. I am of the nature that if you can discuss the matter with the person causing you the pain, then it has not business being shared with the world.

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  2. Great article Keith. Thank you. I don’t think Jesus would use Facebook as it doesn’t enhance personal relationships. But I know he uses LinkedIn with his presence to me each day….

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  3. Lots of good advice here. I agree… people need to be careful what they put out there for the world to read/see.


  4. Finally! I couldn’t agree more. Facebook has become a form of entertainment for all its drama. There’s nothing wrong with being friendly online but personal problems are just that: personal.


  5. I thought about this after reading it. It’s very true to the heart. We should talk to God about our problems and give them to Him to help us. Instead of blurting it all out on social media such as Facebook because someone will most likely feel hurt and in the end you’ll still feel hurt. God can heal the places in our heart and lives that gives us the most pain. Social Media I learned to use as a tool to inspire and encourage with my faith in Jesus =D Thanks for this post and inserting very important bible verses that relate to this topic. It helped me a lot.


      • That’s wonderful hear. I thought you were maybe a pastor but I guess we are all Jesus’ students, sharing the gospel to encourage, love, and so much more because Jesus is the teacher ❤ Were just sharing his love. =D So, I totally get what you're blog is all about and its amazing. Normally I don't read blogs much but yours makes me want to read and learn more.


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  7. Yes how sad it is to find a classmate after so many years and discovering how bitter they are with life, I wonder what made them so? She was the golden girl in school.

    I have defriended her for whenever she commented on Facebook was so critical of everything from politics to women. Now I realize it’s tough to understand inflection by their written word, but really????!!! Even puppies??? I have no time for bitterness, whining and intolerant voices. I prefer encouragement or expresses solutions over intolerance, don’t you? Well done Keith, 🙂

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  9. Good stuff Keith!! I like it cause its spot on dude. So much crap floating around on social media and life in general, the world needs some good flavour. I read somewhere “the words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”

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