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One Nation Under God: Healing Race in America

For all those who have been waiting for my Bible Study on One Nation Under God: Healing Race In America. It is coming out March 4, 2017.  Here is the link to the promotional site.  Sign up for updates on the release date.

Dealing With Race In America

You get rioting in Baltimore, because the people who feel oppressed also feel no one is paying attention.

Should The Church Reflect Heaven?

The church struggles to look like what heaven will be, flooded with people of all races, and nationality.

Three Quotes in Three Days: Day Two

Like the Good Samaritan our mission in the world is to “Go and show mercy.”

Two Different Views of America

Only God’s love can tone down the rhetoric. Only God’s love can drive out the fear. We are a nation in need of repentance.

It’s All A Matter of Perspective

The challenge now is how do we get around what we believe to be true and see people as individuals.

It Takes Two to Reconcile

The racial divided needs the chance to succeed. It’s not an option.

How To Make Sure “All Lives Matter”

The problem looks impossible if we try to fix it overnight. It is too big, the hurts too dark, the chasm too wide, but like any big problem we need to take small steps.

Do You Want to Walk A Mile In My Shoes?

You cannot understand me until you walk a mile in my shoes is a sweet sentiment. But at the end of the day, you can take off those shoes and go back to your way of life.

Sorry, You Are Just Not Black Enough

African Americans are suffering from an identity crisis.

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