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How to Transform ​Your School into A Missional Community?

How do we build meaningful relationships with our school families?

Is Your School Missing An Outreach Opportunity?

God is bringing the vulnerable to our front door, are we ready to receive them?

How Our Understanding of Discipleship Impacts our Ministry

Why is the church struggling to effectively do ministry?

Four Modern Sunday School Strategies

Everyone wants to find the magic bullet to revitalize their Sunday School program. Here are four options.

Let Your Light So Shine

Tripping Gracefully through Life One Adventure at a Time

Sipping Cups of Inspiration

Sipping Cups of Inspiration Served One Cup at A Time

Pastor Bob

Gathering up life's lessons.

The Annual Bloggers Bash

The Official Website for the Best Blogging Event of the Year!

Positively Confident

"Positively Confident" is more than just a phrase– it is a way of life. A guide to building you.

Through the Scriptures

Daily Reading God's Word